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    Nov, 30, 2018
    Flash Gorden
    Hired Mr. Tamraz to represent me. I paid a $5000.00 retainer fee. After my case was resolved for 1000.00 in legal fees. I canceled our service and requested the remaining funds returned equaling $4000.00 to be returned.
    1 month goes by, no response.
    another week goes by he has an excuse why he cant pay me.
    his secretary that is charge of the refunding money is out for the day.
    I called the next week, and Mr Tamraz is off to Spain for a vacation.

    The following week when I get Mr. Tamraz on the phone he tells me about Spain and that he is short on cash. When I ask for my refund he tells me that he is short on cash and needs more time, to bill other clients before he can pay me back.

    This is a Retainer. It should be placed in a trust account.

    Finally I told Mr. Tamraz that I would file a complaint with The State Bar of California. He then called me back from a private number started using profanity and saying that he will not be threatened from an F****** Ass H***. Then hung up.
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